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Customer Success: Global Ship Management

Customer Success

Global Ship Management

Global Industries constructed and launched two of the first deep-water, derrick pipe-laying vessels of their kind to install offshore platforms, build and lay deep-water pipelines, install subsea infrastructure and decommission offshore facilities worldwide.

The vessels, the Global 1200 and Global 1201, delivered in 2010 and 2011 respectively, are large enough to house more than 260 people on board for months at a time. Because of their size and the type of work they do, the vessels are equipped with electric motors and propulsion, as well as satellite-based Dynamic Positioning 2 (DP2) for precise maneuvering.

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The Challenge

Because all eyes were on the two new state-of-the-art vessels, Global needed to be sure that they would be constructed, crewed and managed to the highest standards. This began in the shipyard, where technical expertise and oversight was needed while they were still under construction.

Once built, the ships required fully trained crews, a high level of safety and efficiency, operations and maintenance support and flawless sea trials. And once the projects kicked off, the crew had to be top tier because of the technical skill involved in laying deep-water pipelines.

The Solution

Global made the crucial decision to bring Crowley’s ship management team on board, largely because of the company’s safety culture and because of its solid reputation in the industry, background in preventative maintenance and its philosophy on operating vessels.

Crowley provided full ship management for all technical and vessel operations, and handpicked each member of the specialized marine crews. Crowley then trained the crewmembers to operate the specialized vessel and hired dedicated vessel managers who were stationed in the Global office.

Other services included creating the vessels’ International Safety Management (ISM) programs and supplying the on-board health, safety and environmental (HSE) officers and medical personnel. Crowley’s team also developed all the required operating manuals and document with all class approvals as needed.

And before the ships were ever put in the water, Crowley provided the technical expertise while they were under construction and offered support during the shipyard and owner sea trials.

The People

Each member of the ship management team involved was instrumental in the project’s success. This group provided full marine crewing and all the necessary training; managed the technical operations and vessel maintenance and more.

Crowley has built a customer-oriented reputation by combining company-wide capabilities and offering custom service packages that care for each managed ship as if it was a Crowley vessel.