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Inland Surcharges Applicable to Wait Time Overages and Stop Offs


Today, the U.S. truck market continues to be one of the most challenging and dynamic dimensions of the supply chain. Driver shortages and increased government regulations have contributed to the most unbalanced cargo-to-truck availability market in the past 13 years which has in turn, driven up inland pricing. To cover more loads, trucking companies are attempting to turn loads faster, in part by reducing the free time they have traditionally granted shippers.

As such, we are adjusting the following surcharges for live load/unload wait times and for stop offs effective April 19, 2018:

  • Wait Times – Any live load/unloads in the South Florida dray area will have 30 minutes of free wait time. Additional wait times will be charged at $100 per 1/2 hour or any fraction thereof. All other inland points will receive one hour of free wait time, before being assessed $200 per hour or fraction thereof.

  • Stop offs – Any requested stop off in the South Florida area will incur a $165 charge.

This trucking dimension of the supply chain remains dynamic. We stand ready to help you navigate this potential friction point of moving your products inland to your customers. We invite you to read our blog which gives more detailed facts about the ongoing resource shortage in the U.S. trucking market.