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Improved Velocity and Supply Chain Services for Jamaica


Crowley Announces New Sailing Schedule  

and Supply Chain Enhancements for Jamaica Customers  


To strengthen our supply chain services in Jamaica and better align to the needs of the market, we will begin serving Kingston from the Port of Miami on Oct. 26. Ships in the service will depart weekly on Friday evenings and arrive in Kingston Sunday nights with cargo available Monday mornings.  

The new departure and arrival dates and times are consistent with our goal to improve the velocity and reliability of your supply chain. Our Jamaica service enhancements also align nicely with our global and intra-regional logistics services already being used today by a growing number of our Jamaica customers.  Customers can gain additional synergies via our enhanced local warehousing and distribution services.   

We are pleased to bring these improvements to the market and look forward to serving you. 

Please take note of our new documentation and cargo cutoff details below: 

  • USA Cargo Delivery/Port of Departure for Jamaica cargo only  

    • 1630 Port Blvd 

    • Miami, FL 33132 

  • Southbound Cargo and Documentation  

    • Documentation Cut-Off  

      • Non-Hazardous/Hazardous: 12 noon Thursday 

    • Pick-up Requests  

      • Non-Hazardous: Pick-up requests must be given to Intermodal by 5:00 PM Thursdays.  The latest Intermodal cargo pickup is 8:00 AM Fridays. 

      • Hazardous: Pick-up requests must be given to Intermodal by 4:00 PM Thursdays. The latest Intermodal cargo pickup is 5:00 PM Thursdays. 

    • Cargo Cut Off – container in gated at Port of Miami terminal  

      • Non-Hazardous: 10:00 AM Fridays 

      • Hazardous: 7:00 PM Thursdays  

  • Kingston Exports Northbound Cargo and Documentation  

    • Bookings  

      • (Full/Empty Loads) 12:00 PM Wednesdays 

    • Documentation Cut-Off  

      • Non-Hazardous/Hazardous: 3:00 PM Thursdays 

    • Cargo Cut-off  

      • Hazardous/Non-Hazardous: 5:00 PM Fridays