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Website Optimization Feedback

Business Unit Leadership Workshop

Is the website working for you and your customers?

Crowley’s digital marketing team, in collaboration with Hugo and Cat, are building upon the experience launched recently. The purpose of doing so is to ensure we optimize and constantly improve the user experience. During the website optimization workshop, we will use a variety of methods. However, as subject matter experts, we need your input as well.


While we have benchmark data, we want to learn more from those in the field about:

  • How your current and potential customers interact with the brand,
  • What customer goals are when they visit the website,
  • What things are working well and what should be improved upon.

The results of these workshops will help digital marketing take the next step to ensure an updated web experience. This may include navigational improvements, content updates, and/or a simplified user interface.

We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this endeavor.

Reminder: As you answer the questions below please consider the full spectrum of Crowley’s digital offering, including content, tools, and activities across the website, email, and social channels.