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Vehicle Shipping Rates

Jacksonville, Fl. to San Juan, PR
Estimate: $1,140*

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Call (888) 411-6442 anytime between 8am and 5pm EST. If after hours, please use this form below for a call back.

What you need to know

Vehicle will be inspected at time of delivery and must meet the following requirements:

  • A booking reservation must be made prior to delivery of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle must be delivered to port 24 hours prior to scheduled sailing time.
  • Vehicle should be in running condition and keys must remain with the vehicle.
  • Vehicle must contain ¼ tank of gas or less (if vehicle is loaded in a container, fuel tank must be drained and battery disconnected). Vehicles containing more than ¼ tank of gas prior to shipping will be charged $75 for fuel removal.
  • Vehicle should be clean and free of dirt and debris.
  • Non-running vehicles will be accepted upon approval. Additional fee will apply.
  • Modified vehicles are subject to rate change.
  • Motorcycles and ATV’s are accepted to San Juan, Puerto Rico only.
  • No personal items are permitted inside the vehicle. The only item allowed is the spare tire and a jack in the trunk.

Instructions for Delivering to Jacksonville, FL

  • All required documentation should be sent to before arrival to the Jacksonville terminal. If documentation is not received, park in the designated parking spots for customers, and call 904-727-2475 for instructions.
  • Vehicles should be delivered during receiving hours.
  • An escort is required for vehicles exceeding 835 CFT, units not in container, oversized units and truckers delivering vehicles on car carriers without a TWIC card. An escort is provided to enter the port at a cost of $40 (payable at 904-727-2475).
  • More Details about our  Port Terminal in Jacksonville, FL .

Instructions for Picking Up at San Juan, PR UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

  • You will need your photo I.D. and booking number.
  • You will need to have the Title of the vehicle and/or Bill of Sale.
  • Go to Crowley Car Division to obtain the Original Bill of Lading and the Hacienda appraisal which indicates the last free date at the port.
  • Submit your Bill of Lading and/or your vehicle’s Title and/or Bill of Sale to the Hacienda’s internet platform named SURI. Through the internet they will advise how much you will need to ay on taxes.
  • Pay online at SURI.GOV or take your paperwork to Crowley’s visitor’s parking lot where someone can assist you with the process.
  • Once taxes are paid they will email back to you the Hacienda’s released document and forms #2042 & 2015.
  • Finally you will go to Crowley office to receive your vehicle.
  • Customer is allowed seven days to pick up the vehicle upon arrival.
  • The vehicle owner’s social security card or a copy will be required by Hacienda at time of pick up. This is a new requirement.
  • To avoid inconvenience, please call Customer Care at 1-800-Crowley to confirm if your cargo is ready before performing the pick up at destination.

*Rates apply on passenger vehicles not exceeding 1100 Cubic Ft (commercial vehicles excluded).

*Rates include all applicable fuel, security, port, terminal, handling surcharges, US Customs and EEI filing.  An additional insurance charge of $250 will be added on units valued up to $25,000 and $500 for units valued up to $50,000, unless you choose to opt out prior to shipping.  Rate quotes subject to change based on unit size and cube.