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Thomas Crowley Award

Our company has changed a great deal since 1892, when my grandfather, then 17 years old, bought a Whitehall rowboat to transport people and supplies to and from ships in San Francisco Bay. The principles necessary to transform this company from what it was more than a century ago to what it is at the start of the 21st century – dedication, leadership, imagination, initiative and team spirit – remain unchanged.

It is in honor of these principles, this company’s founder, and above all, extraordinary employees, that we present our company’s highest honor, the Thomas Crowley Award, to deserving employees.

Nominees for the Thomas Crowley Award can be any employee with a minimum of two years continuous service. Nominations may be made, and awards presented, anytime during the year. In some years, we may have multiple award winners and in other years we may have none. 

I encourage you all, keeping in mind Crowley’s Core Values of Safety, Integrity and High Performance, to nominate colleagues who truly stand apart. 

Popularity is not an award criterion. What is important is a person’s contribution to this company. Contributions come in many forms: increased profitability, process improvements, cost savings, customer relationship-building and customer satisfaction are a few examples.

This program’s success depends on your participation. I encourage you to nominate extraordinary colleagues for this honor.

Tom Crowley Jr.
Chairman & CEO

You may also submit a nomination by email or letter:

Past Thomas Crowley Award Recipients

2017Puerto Rico Team
2016Ray Martus
2015Jeannie Eisenhart (Stewart) 
Bleu Hilburn
2014Captain David Ridge 
Kyra Roca
2013Jose “Pache” Ayala
Shiju Zacharia​
2012Miguel Artiga
Micki Harrison
2011Captain Kenneth Graybill​
Sal Menoyo
2010Ketra Anderson
​Mike Golonka
2009Vic Goldberg
​Tony Otero
2008Suz Michel​
​Bob Weist
2007Rob Clapp
Chris Peterson
2006Charlie Dominguez​
Jerry Dowd
2005Claudia Kattán de Jordán
Cal Sweep​​​
2004​Eric Evans
Arthur La Moureaux​​
2003​Jim Van der Veen
Nelly Yunta
2002​Jose Roberto Bodewig
Todd Busch
2001​Cole Cosgrove
Craig Tornga
2000​John Ara
Mike Hopkins
1999​Charlie Nalen
1998​Rudy Leming
Maynard Willms
1997​Roberto Lugo, Jr.
​Sandy Teng​
1996​Alex Sweeney
Mary Anne Young​
1995​Michael Da Silva
Bruce Harland
1994​Dennis Derby
​Lee Egland​​
1993​Bill Payne​
Rinus Schepen​
​Eldon Stewart​​​
1992​Arno Dimmling
Bill O’Shea
1991/1990​Jay Brickman
James Rettig
​Richard Roth​
1989​Brent Stienecker
1988​Robert (Bob) Homan​
Carl Stubbs​
1987​Leo Collar
Dave Messer
Tom Garside
Jaime Yordan
1986​Don Hoehn 
​Dick Simpson​
1985​Pete Banaszak
​Wes Coon
Al Watkins