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Supplier Safety, Health and Environment Requirements


1.1 Is to identify the Safety, Health and Environmental protection requirements for Crowley Suppliers.


2.1 This procedure applies to all Suppliers and their employees who work at Crowley owned, operated, or managed facilities, vessels, and worksites.


3.1 Crowley business partner means a Crowley contractor, supplier, vendor, or visitor at a site, vessel, or other location covered under this policy.

3.2 Crowley company means a subsidiary or part of a subsidiary of Crowley Maritime Corporation that is subject to this policy; examples of Crowley companies, as defined here, may include an entire business unit, a line of business, or a distinct operation within a line of business.

3.3 Crowley company management means top management of a Crowley company.

3.4 Person-In-Charge (PIC) – The PIC is the liaison between Crowley personnel and business partners, and coordinates their daily operations.


4.1 The person ordering the service or the PIC shall be responsible to ensure supplier compliance with this program and all applicable Crowley company standards, policies and administrative controls prior to commencing work and during the work process.

4.2 All Suppliers shall:

4.2.1 Comply, and ensure compliance by its employees and subcontractors with all applicable federal, state and local safety, health and environmental regulations, laws and standards, as well as Crowley standards, policies and administrative controls.

4.2.2 Ensure that all supplier personnel are qualified, trained and equipped to perform the contracted services.

4.2.3 Comply with terms and conditions of Crowley Purchase Order, Repair Service Order, Master Service Agreement or equivalent (see, Vendors/Suppliers, Forms and Documents).

4.2.4 Be responsible for ensuring that all operations are conducted in a safe and pollution free manner. Promptly correcting and reporting to the Crowley company PIC and to the Suppliers’ employees and subcontractors all known or suspected hazards or unsafe conditions.

4.2.5 Comply with all Crowley company personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

4.2.6 Comply with all security policies and requirements prior to accessing Crowley owned, operated, or managed facilities, vessels, and worksites.

4.2.7 Provide all required PPE for their employees and subcontractors. 5.0 PROCEDURE 5.1 Accident, Injury and Illness, and Spill Reporting: 5.2 Controlled Access: To maintain security of our facilities the Supplier shall consult with their Crowley point of contact, prior to arrival to determine the proper verification of identity needed to access the property: 5.3 Environmental Protection: 5.4 Hazardous Communication: 5.5 Personal Protective Equipment Standard Requirements: 5.6 Pre-job meeting: 5.7 Reporting to Work: 5.8 Safe Work Practices — The following items recognize basic safe work practices: 5.9 Waste Management: 5.10 Training: Supplier’s employees shall be appropriately trained to perform the assigned task. 5.11 Vehicle Operations: Suppliers shall operate vehicles in full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. 5.12 Records 6.0 RELATED DOCUMENTATION Updated: 2/13/17