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Supplier Portal Terms and Conditions

A portion of the Supplier Portal registration will be a series of questions about your company. The person registering must answer all the questions to complete the registration and submit.

By proceeding with the registration process, you hereby represent:

  1. That you have read and that you understand the Supplier portal terms and conditions, which govern use of the Supplier Portal and a copy of which is available at the following URL:
  2. That you have actual, legal authority to accept the Supplier portal terms and conditions on behalf of the company you have identified in the registration form (the “Registrant”),
  3. That Registrant hereby accepts and agrees to abide by the Supplier portal terms and conditions in their entirety,
  4. That Registrant hereby consents to Crowley’s use of the information provided on Registrant’s behalf as part of the registration process, without limitation, for the purpose of completing any financial and corporate-governance verifications that Crowley deems necessary in connection with Registrant’s use of the Supplier Portal.