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Updates to the Automated Export System for cargo destined to Puerto Rico


The final rules for the AES regulations are one signature away.

Final rules should be available by 3/1/2006.

Thirty days after publication the rules will become effective; ninety days after publication we will be facing enforced compliance.

Vessel rule is to report the ITN, exemption code, or post departure filing citation 24 hours prior to vessel departure.

Amendments can be filed after sailing without penalty.

If a shipment is split over several voyages you may use the same ITN number, since the original total number of containers were filed previously. You may also use the same ITN number as long as the departure port is the same on the split bill of lading as on the original ITN filing.

If a new ITN must be filed, then the original must be amended.

This includes all cargo to Puerto Rico.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-276-9593.