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Update – Driver Strike – Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala



Truckers are still on strike at the entrance to the port in Santo Tomas, Guatemala. To maintain schedule integrity and avoid missing our normal docking window in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, an operational decision was made to depart Santo Tomas (after discharging the vessel and partially loading it back with northbound cargo) and proceed to Puerto Cortes as part of our normal service rotation.

If the strike is resolved, we plan to depart Puerto Cortes and make a second call in Santo Tomas to complete operations there. If the strike continues, we plan to bypass Santo Tomas and proceed directly to Port Everglades, FL. A decision will be made after operations are completed at Puerto Cortes.

If we have to bypass Santo Tomas, the next voyage will be the Tucana J, voyage NZV5174N (ETD 12/07).

As additional information becomes available, we will keep you updated.