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U.S. Trucking Challenges


Over the past several years, increasing truck power shortages have had a dramatic impact on all shipping lines and their ability to meet trucking demands, which exceed the current capacity for drayage services. Many factors contribute to the current truck power situation which continues to tighten. Among those include:

The wide-spread trucking shortage has not only impacted service levels, but it has put an upward pressure on market rate levels. While we continue to partner with our core carriers to maintain service and rate levels, given the current industry environment, execution of inland moves in the days and weeks ahead will be challenging. As such, we will have no recourse but to recover the increased cost associated with this truck power shortage.

As we face these challenges, we ask for your continued cooperation in providing us with as much lead time as possible when requesting Intermodal services. We appreciate your continued support and will do our part to minimize the effects to your supply chain.