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Tropical Storm Dorian – Update 4

UPDATE 4 – 08/28/2019 – 0800hrs
Safety is Crowley’s No.1 core value. As such, we are taking all appropriate steps to ensure safety of personnel, including our mariners, vessels and your cargo as we actively watch the Tropical Storm Dorian in the Caribbean.
Because of the storm’s northward turn overnight, our offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, including the port, terminal and warehouse, will be closed today, Wednesday (August 28). No cargo will be accepted or dispatched. We expect to resume normal operations following the storm’s passage tomorrow, once it is deemed safe to do so.
This northward turn also means that our vessel, Pegasus J (DOM9035S), will enter Rio Haina, Dominican Republic and Haiti for normal scheduled operations today.
The storm is currently 100 miles to the southeast of St. Croix and moving northwestward at about 13 mph with maximum winds near 50 mph. This motion is expected to continue for the next few days, taking Dorian across the Virgin Islands or the eastern portion of Puerto Rico later today and to the east of the Bahamas on Thursday and Friday before heading towards Central Florida.
As the storm track continues to develop, we will provide appropriate updates on its impact, if any, on your supply chain. We will continue to coordinate with our vessels to keep them clear of the storm, and with our shoreside personnel to make appropriate preparations at our facilities in order to protect people, equipment and cargo.