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Tropical Storm Dorian – Update 1

Safety is Crowley’s No.1 core value. As such, we are taking all appropriate steps to ensure safety of personnel, including our mariners, vessels and your cargo as we actively watch the developing weather system in the Caribbean – Tropical Storm Dorian. At this time, there are no immediate delays to cargo sailing or delivery, and our shoreside operations are not being affected.

The storm is currently 205 miles to the east-south-east of Barbados. It is forecast to have winds of 50 mph when it moves near or over Barbados tonight and through the remainder of the Windward Islands tomorrow morning, before moving south of Puerto Rico. Some strengthening is forecast during the next few days, and Dorian could be at, or near, hurricane strength as it approaches Hispaniola after midnight on Wednesday.

As the storm track is further defined, we will provide appropriate updates on its impact, if any, on your supply chain. We will continue to coordinate with our vessels to keep them clear of the storm, and with our shoreside personnel to make appropriate preparations at our facilities in order to protect people, equipment and cargo.