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Southern Zone Service Reminder


As a reminder, Crowley would like to provide this announcement as a follow-up to our previously announced change to our Southern Zone Service. All containerized cargo on our Southern Zone Service from South Florida to Panama and Costa Rica must be delivered to the Port of Miami at the address listed below. Containerized cargo for these countries will no longer be accepted in Port Everglades.

Port Miami
1630 Port Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132

Please also note the following fixed cut-offs for cargo and documentation:

Dry & Reefer Cargo Cut-off

Friday 1200

Documentation Cut-off

Thursday 1200

Hazardous IMO’s Cut-off

Thursday 1500

***Hazardous IMO’s must be submitted and approved prior to dispatch for Crowley intermodal moves and prior to in-gating for port moves. IMO paperwork should be submitted as far in advance as possible to You will receive confirmation once the IMO has been processed and cargo is approved for delivery. Upon entry to the port of Miami, trucker IMO must match IMO submitted or container will be rejected. In that event, additional charges may be incurred.