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Southbound Cargo Process At The Port


Dear Valued Customer,

As a result of the change in Port Operator in Puerto Cortes, Honduras (OPC), we would like to outline process changes for both inbound and outbound container traffic. Over time we anticipate a modern and efficient process, however in the short-term to provide a smooth transition, we want to highlight the following:

1. Carriers will no longer have any private container facilities inside the port. All cargo entering the terminal will be under the administration of the port operator. In addition, free time at the terminal has been reduced from 5 days to 4 days and further reduced to 3 days within 6 months. Storage charges will be applied whether cargo is destined to the port or inland location and will be for the account of the cargo.
2. The customs paperwork process will remain unchanged. We encourage timely submission of documents to avoid delays.
3. All containers (loaded or empty) will require a gate pass to enter or exit from the terminal. Passes are not distributed prior to complete vessel discharge. The gate pass is an appointment that indicates cargo can begin transit. Appointments are not granted for the same day, but next day. If the load is not moved according to the gate pass/appointment, the container must be rescheduled and a fee will be assessed. At this time the gate pass distribution is manual process at the terminal service window. Improvements are planned which will allow for electronic submission and retrieval in the future.
4. If inland transport is required according to the bill of lading, once the gate pass has been approved, we will assign the truck and chassis and proceed to exit through the main gate. Please keep in mind that the container will still be under possible review by ENP and DEI.
5. For export cargo, once inside the terminal, the gate pass must be presented for the export process to begin including review by DEI and Customs.

It is important to note that with the elimination of the private facilities at the terminal, our visibility in regards to container movement within the port will be limited. We are working on improvements which we hope will help with the reduction in container tracking.

During this transition period we want to work hand in hand with our valued customers to minimize the potential delays and ensure cargo movement in a timely and efficient manner.
If you have any questions please, contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-276-9539.
Please visit for schedule changes and operational updates. Crowley’s current sailing schedules are always available online, click HERE for more details.

Thank you for your continued support,