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Puerto Rico Tax Requirement Change


To Our Valued Customers,

The Puerto Rico Tax Authority (Hacienda) has released a public notice regarding new requirements for the electronic submission of documentation for cargo going to Puerto Rico.  Please follow the below link for the official release from Hacienda.

 For your convenience, below is an unofficial English translation: 

“As of 10/03/2011 inclusion of the Merchant Registration Number of importers and consignees will be required as part of the carrier’s electronic cargo manifest process.  Importers and consignees must provide ocean, air, and inland carriers with their Merchant Registration Numbers.  Hacienda’s system will issue a warning for non-compliance in the event this number is not provided.

This will be a firm requirement effective 12/01/2011 in order to electronically process manifests and to authorize cargo pick up prior to the payment of the applicable excise tax or sales tax. 

We urge all importers and consignees to immediately provide their carriers with their Merchant Registration Numbers so they can comply with this requirement.  If you have any questions please contact Hacienda directly at (787) 200-7700.”

Please be advise that as current regulations and requirements change, this will significantly alter the way in which supporting shipping documentation must be presented to the carriers.  Complete and accurate information must be received and transmitted to the proper authorities to avoid delays and penalties associated with missing information.  

In order to help facilitate the collection of the Merchant Registration Numbers and ensure compliance, we ask you to forward this information directly to

If you have any questions please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-276-9539.
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Thank you