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To Our Valued Customers, 

The port operations have been preparing through the ports concession to have better facilities and to recover Puerto Cortes as the best in the region. Of course, these initiatives bring a series of significant changes to the logistics in transportation. Due to this, we have analyzed the best options to service your cargo transportation in the most efficient, orderly and transparent way to its final destination; through this note, we let you know the way in which we will be coordinating (the respective import/export cargo), beginning February 15, 2014, as detailed below:

Import Cargo


Dispatches will be made during the same day of the vessel to all classified cargo done by the Departamento de Higiene y Seguridad, as direct unloading, previous presentation of all documents.

Export Cargo


For the closings of in transit cargo, we ask that you send copy of the paperwork to the following e-mail address, once the cargo has been dispatched so that we may do the closings in SARAH.


Cargo Matrix



Vessel Name

Destination Port

Out of Puerto Cortes (ETD)

Cargo maximum time in Puerto Cortes

Maximum time to submit bookings

Maximun time to receive documents



Pegasus J

Port Everglades, FL


Sunday, before 09:00

Thursday 16:00

Friday 17:00

Saturday 09:00


Pavo J

Port Everglades, FL


Tuesday, before 09:00

Saturday 12:00

Monday 17:00

Tuesday 14:00



Port Everglades, FL


Thursday, before 09:00

Tuesday 17:00

Wednesday 17:00

Thursday 14:00


Tucana J

Gulfport, MS


Monday, before 09:00

Friday 17:0

Friday 17:00

Monday 09:00



Cargo from VILLANUEVA, BÚFALO, POTRERILLOS, COFRADÍA, TEGUCIGALPA, CHOLUTECA and foreign areas should coordinate pick up with time ahead to accomplish the maximum time in Puerto Cortes.


We prefer not to pick up cargo after 17:00 hrs due to security reasons. If this is requested a security patroll or security escort will be require under customer costs.


Emergency Calls


Freight Services HON: (504) 3190-8261 (504) 3190-6706


Amilcar Martinez: (504) 3390-4696


Selbin Castellanos: (504) 3390-3975




For more information or any additional doubts concerning the below lines, you may contact your Freight Services Coordinator or the Customer Care Department at1-800-276-9539.
Please visit for schedule changes and operational updates. Crowley’s current sailing schedules are always available online, click HERE for more details.

Thank you for your continued support,