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Notice to Puerto Rico Trade


Posted – June 15 – In a meeting with Hacienda and the Ocean Carriers, the following topics were clarified:

1) The first four numbers of the Schedule B are not sufficient. Hacienda will require the first six numbers of the commodity code.
2) Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Forklifts): The VIN numbers and first six digits of the Schedule B are required.
3) Hacienda does not require value on cars, trucks and forklifts. Value information per commodity is required on all other cargo.
4) Diggers/Construction Machinery: No VIN number will be needed; however, commencing August 1, the first six numbers of the Schedule B will be required.
5) Consignee EIN, Tax ID, or Company Social Security numbers continue to be required as of July 1.
6)Also, cargo declared as FAK, DSM, grocery store merchandise or foodstuff will be affected as well. This type of commodity description, as well as any bill of lading not complying with their above requirements will automatically be marked as taxable even if your company has a bond or is tax exempt.

If you have any questions or doubts you can visit Haciendas website at , contact Jorge Rivera, Excise Tax Department Assistant Director, (787) 774-1494 X314

We continue to closely monitor this new requirement and will continue to communicate these changes to our customers.

Thank you.


Posted – June 9 – New Hacienda Requirements Effective July 1, 2005

The Puerto Rico tax authority, Hacienda, has announced changes effective July 1, 2005 that if not complied with may impact your ability to receive cargo in a timely manner in San Juan.

In order for you to comply with the new regulations, we must obtain the following information from your shipping instructions. Please note: the cargo value, Schedule B information and consignee EIN will not print on the bills of lading but will only transmit electronically to Hacienda.

Effective July 1st, Hacienda will require that we obtain additional data fields. These data fields are:
Cargo declared value per container load on the bill of lading
Commodity Description (FAK, DSM, GSM, etc. are not valid)
The first four digits of the Schedule B number per trailer. If one trailer has multiple schedule B numbers, you must provide the first four digits of the most prominent commodity
Consignee EIN #(Employee Identification Number and/or Consignee Tax ID)

More information concerning these changes can be found at the Hacienda website, We have been advised by the Puerto Rico government that they are in the process of composing a notice to the trade which is to be distributed in the coming week.

We are closely monitoring this new requirement and will continue to communicate these changes to our customers.