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New technology, equipment and infrastructure are all increasing supply chain velocity


Shippers and trucking partners are increasingly encountering long delays when dropping off or picking up cargo from container terminals throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico. Gate turn times (the time it takes a trucker, once inside the terminal to drop off and/or pick up a load and exit the terminal) range from 45 to 75 minutes at most U.S. port terminals where containers are grounded and stacked. In extreme cases, such as in the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, gate turn times can be more than two hours, with queue times (wait to get into the terminal) also exceeding two hours.       

The opposite is true at Crowley’s port terminals. Major investments in technology, equipment and terminal infrastructure have significantly increased supply chain velocity such that trucking partners can now retrieve cargo in only 20 minutes from its Jacksonville terminal and only 30 minutes from its San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Port Everglades, Florida, locations.  

Crowley understands that gate turn times significantly impact the bottom lines of its trucking partners and shipping customers. With the combination of new technology, equipment and terminal upgrades, Crowley is investing in its supply chain velocity in a way that allows drivers to turn more loads each day and shippers throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Central America to receive cargo at highly competitive speeds. In the logistics industry, time is money, and Crowley is helping to save loads of it. 

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