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New Hacienda Requirements


Crowley is committed to complying with all governmental agencies requirements, as well as providing excellent customer service to our clients.

In order to be in compliance with the regulations established by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury (Departamento de Hacienda), when carrier is in possession of the cargo and a change to the bill of lading is requested to the consignee party; piece count; container number; commodity; schedule B; and/or EIN number, the following information is required:

         · Hand signed letter from the Shipper, on shipper’s letterhead, describing the error (regardless if the error was caused by the customer or not). The letter should be made out to the Secretary of Hacienda/Negociado de Impuestos al Consumo, and should include the Booking and Bill of Lading number in the body.

         · Carrier’s letter made out to the Secretary of Hacienda / Negociado de Impuestos al Consumo, that should include: booking and bill of lading number, incorrect vs. corrected information, consignee EIN number or social security/passport number (if individual), Merchant Registration Number, name of the Crowley representative responsible for issuing the correction; and harmonized tariff code (Schedule B number)

         · Commercial Invoices, which should include the shipper/consignee exactly how the change is requested

         · Copy of Bill of Lading with the error

         · Copy of the corrected bill of lading or Freight Correction Notice that details the correction

When requesting a change, please submit the required Documentation to the following email: This will ensure documents are received and processed timely and will avoid delays with your cargo.