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New Electric & Hybrid Compliance Information for Vehicles

Part of being a safety focused company means constantly re-evaluating protocols and procedures to lead as industries change, As such, we are refining our policies on accepting used electric or hybrid vehicles for transport. These changes will go into effect on January 31, 2023.

Please read the following FAQ to learn more:

Q: Why is Crowley changing how new and used electric/hybrid vehicles are shipped aboard their vessels?

A: The maritime community is responding to the additional risk of fire that lithium battery powered, and hybrid vehicles pose when stowed aboard a vessel. Crowley is making these changes as part of our commitment to safety, while still providing a quality service to our customers.

Q: What are the additional risks associated with electric/hybrid vehicles being transported aboard a vessel?

A: Electric/hybrid vehicles contain high voltage lithium batteries that contain various types of electrolytes. These electrolytes can destabilize under certain conditions and auto ignite and create a self-sustaining fire that is extremely difficult to extinguish. These fires can also reignite hours after being extinguished.

Q: What is changing for customers shipping electric/hybrid vehicles with Crowley?

A: Upon the booking request, please clarify which type of vehicle is being shipped, electric/hybrid or combustion powered. Make sure to include this information on the Master Bill of Lading or under your booking request email. New vehicles will continue to ship as they always have, with the only exception being enough room on the designated stowage areas of the vessel. Previously owned or titled electric/hybrid vehicles must be inspected by a dealer, mechanic, or have a CARFAX report showing that will verify that the vehicle is in good working order .

Q: What else should I consider before shipping a previously used or titled electric vehicle with Crowley?

A: For an electric/hybrid vehicle to be accepted for shipment it will need to have the dealer inspection report and verification that all recalls for the vehicle are up to date. The vehicles battery must have a state of charge of no less than 30% and not greater than 50%. A State of charge between 30% and 50% is to ensure stability of the battery’s chemistry.

Q: Can I ship a salvaged or damaged electric/hybrid vehicle with Crowley?

A: Crowley will no longer be accepting inoperable, salvaged or damaged electric/hybrid vehicles for shipment aboard any of their vessels.

Q: What if I am shipping an electric/hybrid vehicle in a container?

A: Vehicles that are shipped in a container are held to the same new and used requirements as vehicles book for ro-ro transportation. Just as with internal combustion engines battery powered vehicles are hazardous cargo.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-Crowley and ask for our Customer Care team. 

With the safety of our people, our vessels, and your cargo in mind, we Carry the World. Forward.