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Memorial Day Holiday Hours 2019 Revised

The following schedule outlines the Memorial Day (Monday, May 27) holiday schedules for Crowley offices and ports. The changes are in red below.

Location US Memorial Day – Monday, May 27
Anguilla Regular Hours
Aruba Regular Hours
Barbados Regular Hours
BL Revision Regular Hours
Bookings Regular Hours
Costa Rica Regular Hours
Crowley Caribbean Logistics – San Juan Closed
Curacao (Office and Port) Regular Hours
Customer Care – Jacksonville, FL Closed
Customer Care – Shared (El Salvador) Regular Hours
Documentation Caribbean Regular Hours
Documentation Latin Regular Hours
Documentation Puerto Rico NB (Jacksonville, FL) Closed
Documentation Puerto Rico SB Regular Hours
Dominican Republic Regular Hours
Eddystone, PA Office Closed
Eddystone, PA Terminal Closed
Grand Cayman Regular Hours
Grenada Regular Hours
Guatemala Regular Hours
Gulfport, MS Gate Closed
Gulfport, MS Warehouse Closed
Guyana Regular Hours
Haiti Regular Hours
Honduras Regular Hours
Houston, TX Closed
Jacksonville, FL CLI Warehouse Closed
Jacksonville, FL Inland Operations Closed
Jacksonville, FL Office Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal Administration Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal TMT Closed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal JPA 1000 to 1400
*See additional notes below
Jamaica – Kingston and Montego Bay Regular Hours
Miami Office and Warehouse Closed
Nicaragua Regular Hours
Panama Regular Hours
Port Everglades – Terminal Closed
Port Everglades – Hyde Terminal and Office (Grand Cayman) Closed
Port Everglades – King Ocean Terminal and Office (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) Closed
San Juan Office Closed
San Juan Terminal Regular Hours
San Juan Hacienda and Car Division Closed
St Croix Office Closed
St Croix Terminal Closed
St Lucia Closed
St Thomas Closed
St Vincent Regular Hours
Suriname Regular Hours
Trinidad Regular Hours
Wilmington, NC Closed


JAX Terminal JPA: Due to the volume of freight that is normally received on Mondays for the Taino, the decision has been made to offer reduced/limited gate operations on Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) as indicated above. The JPA gate at 3001 Tallyrand Avenue. Other gates will remain closed.
• These hours are for receipt and dispatch of loads and equipment
• No warehouse or terminal transfer appointments
• No vehicle delivery
• Administrative offices at the terminal will be staffed at minimum levels
Documentation and cargo cut off times are subject to change in locations that will be closed or have limited operating hours.