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Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Schedule

The following are the Martin Luther King holiday schedules (Monday, January 15) for Crowley Logistics offices and ports. 

Any location not listed below will have regular business hours.

LocationMartin Luther King, Jr. Day – Monday January 15
BL RevisionRegular Hours
BookingsRegular Hours
Costa Rica – Moin (Port)Regular Hours
Costa Rica Bookings/DocumentationRegular Hours
Costa Rica WarehouseRegular Hours
San Juan Warehouse – Crowley Caribbean Logistics – San JuanClosed
Customer Care – Jacksonville, FLClosed
Customer Care – Shared (El Salvador)Regular Hours
Documentation Caribbean Regular Hours
Documentation LatinRegular Hours
Documentation Puerto RicoRegular Hours
Dominican Republic – Terminal, Office & WarehouseRegular Hours
Eddystone, PA OfficeClosed
Eddystone, PA TerminalClosed
El Salvador Bookings/Documentation (Northbound Cargo)Regular Hours
El Salvador Customs Brokerage & WarehouseRegular Hours
Grand CaymanRegular Hours
Guatemala – Santo Tomas (Port)Regular Hours
Guatemala Bookings/DocumentationRegular Hours
Guatemala Customs Brokerage & WarehouseRegular Hours
Gulfport, MS GateRegular Hours
Gulfport, MS WarehouseClosed
Haiti Regular Hours
Honduras – Puerto Cortes (Port)Regular Hours
Honduras Bookings/DocumentationRegular Hours
Honduras Customs Brokerage & WarehouseRegular Hours
Houston, TXClosed
Jacksonville, FL – Crowley Fresh WarehouseClosed
Jacksonville, FL CLI Warehouse (SCL)Regular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – Warehouse (30th Street)Closed
Jacksonville, FL – Inland OperationsRegular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – OfficeClosed
Jacksonville, FL- Terminal AdministrativeRegular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – Auto YardRegular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – TMTRegular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – JPARegular Hours
Jamaica – KingstonRegular Hours
Jamaica – Montego BayRegular Hours
Miami OfficeClosed
Miami WarehouseRegular Hours
Miami – Crowley FreshClosed
Miami – Jamaica Cargo Regular Hours
Miami – Haiti Cargo Regular Hours
Nicaragua Bookings/DocumentationRegular Hours
Panama – Manzanillo (Port)Regular Hours
Panama Bookings/DocumentationRegular Hours
Port Everglades – Hyde Terminal & Office (Grand Cayman)Regular Hours
Port Everglades – TerminalRegular Hours
San Juan OfficeClosed
San Juan TerminalOpen : 0700-1100 & 1200-1530 hours
San Juan HaciendaClosed
San Juan Car DivisionClosed
St. Croix OfficeClosed
St. Croix Terminal Closed
St. Thomas OfficeClosed
St. Thomas TerminalClosed
St. Thomas WarehouseClosed
Trinidad Regular Hours
Wilmington, NCClosed

Documentation and cargo cut off times are subject to change in locations that will be closed or have limited operating hours.

Use our route finder to access the most up-to-date sailing schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY.