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Inland Cost Monitoring

For September 2021, the CASS Index, which is used to monitor and evaluate U.S. Inland rates reflected an average of 150.4. As a result, inland rates will increase by 2.66% on November 28, 2021. Please find additional details related to CASS Index in this downloadable pdf.

For the same period, the Department of Energy’s retail on-highway diesel prices all types index monthly average, which is being used to determine the Intermodal Fuel Charge, was $3.384. Therefore, the Intermodal Fuel Percentage will remain at 28%. Please find additional details in this downloadable pdf.

The logistics industry continues to face significant challenges relative to the availability of truck and rail transportation across the U.S. Tightened capacity has led to increased costs. As a result, effective November 28, 2021 we will be adjusting the Inland Adjustment Factor (IAF) from $100 to $200 on all US Inlands performed by Crowley associated with a Crowley Ocean Container movement (Carrier Haulage). Not included is local port drayage including South Florida drayage where the inland Adjustment Factor of $100 will still apply.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY.