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Immediate Enforcement of Customs Rules in Honduras



Please be aware and review the official notification received from Honduras Customs Authorities Direccion Ejecutiva de Ingresos (DEI) describing processes for entry and exit of cargo (import and export) which are of immediate implementation.

The document is based on the rules established on the Codigo Aduanero Uniforme Centromaericano (CAUCA) and al reglamento del Codigo Aduaero Unifomre Centroamericano (RECAUCA). It indicates that effective immediately, any southbound or northbound shipment that has not completed approval process as defined by these rules will not be able to leave or enter the terminal. Non-compliance with the rules, which relate to corrections to the manifest, changes to the Bill of Lading, and export documentation will also result in hefty fines (up to 12 month’s minimum salary).

For full details, please refer to the document, which can be downloaded by clicking here (or click here for the English translation).