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Hurricane Charley Passes and Crowley Resumes Cargo Operations as Expected


Crowley is pleased to announce that the passing of Hurricane Charley through northeast Florida early Saturday and up the east coast of the U.S. Saturday afternoon and evening into Sunday had no adverse effects on the company’s ability to move customer cargo. Vessel Operations commenced Saturday the 14th at 1000 hrs. The barge Jacksonville voyage 104 departed for San Juan at 1800 hrs on Saturday and is due in San Juan Friday the 20th at 0600 hrs. The barge Fortaleza Voyage 105S arrived in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon and departed Sunday. It is schedules to reach San Juan on Saturday the 21st at 0600 hrs.

Additionally, the Wesertor arrived in Jacksonville at 2200hrs on Saturday and departed at 0500 hrs on Sunday. Its ETA to Nassau is today (Monday the 16th) at 1200 hrs.