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Honduras Port Inspection


Dear Valued Customer:

We would like to provide a current status update in regard to cargo inspections taking place in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.   For the last couple of weeks, Customs has devoted a special  force to intensively examine 100% of commercial cargo entering into the country.  This has created extensive delays and a strong backlog on the release of every commercial or agriculture container.  We are being advised that inspections will continue and will not be reduced at this time. The purpose of these inspections, as dictated by the Honduran Government, is to prevent tax evasion and fiscal fraud.

The Honduran Government, Port Operator, and Customs have taken action to expedite the inspection process. To review all commercial cargo in a more efficient process  they are extending the schedule from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  As well, the number of inspection crews will increase to 15 members.  Based on these actions it is  expected that the review process will be handled in a more timely manner and reduce the delay in your cargo release. 

At this time, the radom inspections for the Megacopta bug will continue and encompass cargo originating from Georgia , South Carolina,  North Carolina, Virginia and Alabama.    This part of the inspection process  is being reviewed as well to expedite cargo release.

If you have any questions please, contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-276-9539.
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Thank you for your continued support,