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Honduras Customs Regulation Updatev


New customs procedures for cargo entering Honduras are taking effect and may impact your business. Honduras Customs Authorities have changed policies with regards to the arrival and documentation of cargo. Under this government directive, all carriers, importers and exporters must comply with these changes:

            · Manifests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival in Honduras. However, the new policies state that any corrections to the manifest or bill of lading after filing will now be subject to fines of approximately $350 or more per violation, as determined by Customs in Honduras.

            · New discharge procedures as dictated by Honduras Customs now prohibit any early release of cargo. All cargo will be released simultaneously upon complete vessel discharge.

Customers will be responsible for these fines when manifest changes resulting from customer’s documentation errors are made after the filing deadline. Crowley will have 72 hours after cargo discharge to correct any errors with Customs’ approval.

These changes result from Honduras Customs Authorities’ Direccion Ejecutiva de Ingresos (DEI) which describes the process for entry and exit of cargo from the country. It is available in its entirety here in Spanish and here in English.