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Honduras Customs Bond Requirement


In an effort to keep you apprised of issues that may be of importance to your business, we would like to advise you that beginning January 1, 2016, the current process of redirecting commercial cargo shipments to customs facilities beyond the primary customs facility in Puerto Cortes, Honduras will be modified. This change applies to all cargo except apparel, 807 and textiles for which import duties are not paid at the Puerto Cortes primary customs facility. In these situations, importers or consignees will need to:

If the bill of lading shows a final destination other than the primary customs office at Puerto Cortes, the Customs Broker will have the responsibility to complete all of the regulatory steps required for the intermodal move – including the gate pass approval. Once the gate pass is received in our offices at Puerto Cortes, Crowley Latin American Services will coordinate the transportation to the final destination in accordance with the bill of lading. 

If you would like assistance navigating this new regulatory environment, Crowley Logistics is prepared to assist in the process of redirecting shipments from Puerto Cortes to the different secondary customs locations at very competitive market rates.

Please be mindful of these coming changes and take the necessary steps now to avoid transportation delays in the New Year.