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Holy Week/Easter Schedule – Central America/Caribbean

The following is the holiday schedule for Crowley office and port locations. Any location not listed will have regular business hours.

LocationWed – March 31Thurs – April 1Fri – April 2Sat – April 3
Honduras – Puerto Cortes (Port)Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Honduras Booking/DocumentationRegular HoursRegular Hours Regular Hours Open 0800-1200
Honduras – WarehouseOpen 0800-1200ClosedClosedClosed
Guatemala – Santo Tomas and Puerto Barrios (Port)Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Guatemala Booking/DocumentationRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular HoursOpen 0800-1200
Guatemala – WarehouseOpen 0800-1200ClosedClosedClosed
Nicaragua Booking/Documentation Regular HoursRegular Hours Regular Hours Regular Hours 
El Salvador Booking/DocumentationOpen 0800-1200Closed Closed Open 0800-1200
El Salvador – WarehouseOpen 0800-1200ClosedClosedClosed
Costa Rica – Moin (Port)Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Costa Rica Booking/Documentation Open 0800-1200ClosedClosedOpen 0800-1200
Costa Rica – WarehouseOpen 0800-1200ClosedClosedClosed
Panamá – Manzanillo (Port)Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Panama Booking/DocumentationRegular HoursOpen 0800-1200Closed Open 0800-1200
Panama – WarehouseRegular HoursOpen 0800-1200ClosedClosed
Puerto RicoRegular HoursRegular HoursClosedExtended Gate Hours:
0700-1100 and 1200-1530
please note that in addition to the holidays listed here,
our Trinidad locations will also be closed on:
Tues (3/30) for Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day and
Monday (4/5) for Easter Monday
Regular HoursRegular HoursClosedRegular Hours
Dominican RepublicRegular HoursRegular HoursClosedRegular Hours
Miami, FL*
The closure applies to the terminal in Miami only; Crowley’s Port Everglades terminal is open for normal business hours
Regular HoursRegular Hours*
All cargo must ingate before 7:00pm
as terminal is closed on Friday.
ClosedRegular Hours
St. Thomas*
please note that in addition to the holidays listed here,
our St. Thomas locations will also be closed on:
Monday (4/5) for Easter Monday
Regular HoursRegular HoursClosedRegular Hours
Wilmington, NCRegular HoursRegular HoursClosedRegular Hours
Penn Terminals – Eddystone/Chester, PARegular HoursRegular HoursGate hours: 0700 – 1500;
no vehicle receiving
Regular Hours

Documentation and cargo cut off times are subject to change in locations that will be closed or have limited operating hours. 

Our most up-to-date sailing schedule can be found online.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY.