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Fuel Charge and Intermodal Surcharge for Puerto Rico – Effective October 31


Fuel Charge

The Puerto Rico services group announces the following fuel charge and intermodal surcharge effective October 31, 2004. The charge will affect open tariff and contract customers.

Rule 10G – Current $260/New Rate $280

Contract customers fuel charge will be increased by $20.

Intermodal Surcharge

This will affect open tariff and contract customers.

Zone 1 – Current $15/New $20
Zone 2 – Current $35/New $40
Zone 3 – Current $55/New $60
Zone 4 – Current $85/New $90
Zone 5 – Current $95/New $100
Zone 6 – Current $105/New $110

Zone 1: Jacksonville, FL and Pennsauken, NJ local market
Zone 2: Florida and New Jersey
Zone 3: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island
Zone 4: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisiana and Arkansas
Zone 5: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas
Zone 6: Canada and other states not specified.