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CTPAT Documentation Request

Crowley Logistics will be asking your Company to complete a set of CTPAT documents through the Veroot Documents Portal. This is new technology that speeds up document management.

1.) Please open the Crowley Logistics email from
2.) Click on the link that says, “Fulfill & Download Documents”.
3.) Download our CTPAT SOPs and complete the annual CTPAT Security Questionnaire.

It is easy and fast. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting Crowley Logistics for any portal issues, please contact Veroot at 440-879-8370 or They will be happy to help.

See below the  Q&A for further details:

Q: Why are we receiving this email?
A: Crowley is a validated CTPAT company with US Customs.  As part of that validation, we are required to understand what security controls our customers have in place when shipping with Crowley

Q: What is the purpose of this of the email we received?
A: The purpose of the email was to provide our customers and partners that if they do receive a message from it is a legitimate request and not a phishing attempt.

Q: When will my organization receive the questionnaire?
A: Even though the email was sent to our entire client base the questionnaire will randomly be sent as to have a representative sampling of data from our customers.

Q: What if my organization is already CTPAT Validated?
A: Those who receive the questionnaire, and are a validated CTPAT member, will only need to state that they are a validated organization and will not be required to provide any further information.

Q: When will my organization receive the email that contains the link to the questionnaire?
A: Those who will be randomly selected to receive the questionnaire should be receiving it during the next 7-10 days.

Q: What do you need if we did not receive the questionnaire?
A: If you do not receive the email with the link to the questionnaire your organization will not need to provide any information at this time.

Q: My organization was one of those selected to complete the questionnaire. Does it have to be completed by our organization in the United States?
A: No, if selected it can be completed locally.