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Crowley’s operations not currently impacted by Puerto Rico unrest

We know many of you are concerned about the current situation in Puerto Rico. Protests are continuing across the island. Safety is Crowley’s top priority, and as such, our team has been monitoring the events and has taken all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our personnel, facilities and your cargo in the area.

These protests continue to create a challenging environment for the movement of goods across the island. As of today, Friday, July 19, our port and inland operations have not been affected. However, this situation is fluid and could change quickly. We will monitor these ongoing events, including Monday’s scheduled “Paro Nacional” (National Stoppage), and advise should there be any changes impacting our capability to conduct normal operations.

Our ability to work the vessels listed below and safely move cargo via main highways and other important transit routes, will be carefully evaluated throughout the coming days.

Vessel Voyage ETA Status
Taíno SAL90576S 7/19/2019 No Impact
Regula VIS9056S 7/20/2019 TBD
El Coquí  SAL9057S 7/22/2019 TBD
Marty J NAL9029S 7/24/2019 TBD