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Crowley Schedule Affected by Oil Spill in Northeast


Crowley barges in the northeast have been affected by the major oil spill from the Greek tanker Athos in the Delaware River. This 473,0000-gallon spill occurred Friday night and has limited the ability for ocean carriers and other vessel operators to move into and out of the area. Specifically Crowleys La Reina V48S has been delayed only being cleared for departure Thursday (12/2) at 0900. La Reina encountered problems as she tried to enter the contaminated waters on Monday afternoon. The Coast Guard withheld permission until Tuesday at 0200 when they permitted La Reina to dock in Pennsauken. La Reina was held at the dock until Wednesday afternoon then further delayed by high winds. The Coast Guard reissued permissions for La Reina to sail at 0900 today. Now underway, she is expected to arrive in San Juan the afternoon of 12/8.

Crowley will continue to monitor the oil spill situation and its effect on schedule integrity in the northeast. Every effort is being made to work with the Coast Guard to obtain proper permissions to sail contaminated waters while also observing sensitivity to the spill, its investigation and clean up efforts. Should you have questions, please contact your Crowley sales executive or customer service.