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Crowley Puerto Rico Fuel Index – March 11, 2021 Update

During the last quarterly period, the average price of LNG was $2.80 per MMBTU and the average price of MGO was $486 per metric ton.

Based on the average MGO price, there will be no change to Fuel Charges between Eddystone, Penn., (Penn Terminals) and Puerto Rico on April 1, 2021.

Based on the combined averages of MGO and LNG prices there will be an adjustment to fuel charges between Jacksonville, Fla., and Puerto Rico effective April 1, 2021 as outlined below:

SAL Fuel20′40′45′53′VEHNIT
Current Charges until 3/31/2021$262$337$362$422$103$337
New Charges effective 4/1/2021$338$413$438$498$133$413

Please find additional details in this downloadable pdf.

For general questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY. (1-800-276-9539)