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Crowley Puerto Rico Fuel Index

Crowley continues to monitor the cost of fuel in all of our trades. Based on the current review period’s fuel costs for our Puerto Rico service, the following adjustments to Fuel Charges will be made effective March 1, 2023.

Between Eddystone, PA., (Penn Terminals) and Puerto Rico: 

NAL Fuel20′40′45′53′VEHNIT
Cu rrent Charges until 02/28/23$545$620$645$705$216$620
New Charges effective 03/01/23$590$665$690$750$234$665 

Between Jacksonville, FL and Puerto Rico: 

SAL Fuel20′40′45′53′VEHNIT
Current Charges until 02/28/23$512$586$612$672$203$586
New Charges effective 03/01/23$349$423$449$509$138$423 

For general questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY. (1-800-276-9539)