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Crowley Offers Additional Gate Hours for San Juan Terminal

To add additional velocity and flexibility to our customers’ supply chains, we are expanding our gate hours in San Juan effective Monday, Jan. 14. Customers and trucking partners will have access to our Isla Grande terminal for cargo pick-up and delivery Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1530, including the noon/lunch time hours. This sets a new standard for gate hour flexibility in San Juan. Additionally, we will be open each Saturday from 0700 to 1100, making us the only company with regularly scheduled gate hours on Saturdays.

Our new seven-lane exit gate also increases speed and efficiency for our trucking partners. This, combined with an innovative new terminal operating system (TOS), leverages technology to reduce gate turn times significantly improving cargo velocity for businesses. At our Isla Grande facility in San Juan, the time it took a trucker to bring a container into the terminal (ingate) before the implementation of this terminal operating system averaged 45 minutes. Today, the time required to ingate is only 12 minutes. Time spent at gate kiosks also previously averaged six to seven minutes, and now it takes less than one minute. And, the total time it takes from entering the terminal to leaving the terminal now averages only 30 minutes.

Crowley has served Puerto Rico since 1954, longer than any other U.S. shipping company and is committed for the longhaul.