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Crowley Monitoring Tropical Storm Idalia – Update 1

We are actively monitoring Tropical Storm Idalia and its potential impacts on our operations. As the storm’s path continues to develop, we remain diligent, taking all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of personnel, including our marines, our vessels, and your cargo.

Documentation and Cargo Cutoff

Please ensure that all documentation and scheduled loads for this week’s El Coqui sailing are received as soon as possible. Although the deadline remains tomorrow (Tuesday, August 29) at 1200, receipt this evening (prior to gate closure at 1900) or earlier in the day tomorrow (gate opens at 0730) would facilitate smooth processing.

Affected Vessels (Subject to further updates)

Affected Ports/Terminals

Affected Warehouses

Thank you for your attention to this evolving situation. We will continue to operate schedule/closure information as it is received. Please contact either 1-800-Crowley or your Customer Care Representative with questions about your bookings.