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Crowley Delivers 98% On Time Performance to Puerto Rico and Beyond

Our two new LNG-powered ConRo ships, MV El Coqui and MV Taino, continue to set world-class standards in the U.S. to Puerto Rico trade and beyond. The two ships, consistently transiting in excess of their 22-knot service speed, have made a combined 47 trips since entering service in October and January respectively. Our on-time performance as measured within 4 hours of our scheduled 0600 berth time in San Juan is 98%.

At 98%, the ships shatter the global maritime industry average for on-time performance, which climbed to 68% in March.

In addition to increased vessel speeds, the tempo at which cargo moves through the next stage of the supply chain is equally as important. To increase the velocity of cargo moving off the terminal and to the market, we’ve expanded our gate hours in San Juan. Additionally, our new seven-lane exit gate in San Juan and our innovative terminal operating system (TOS) deployed in both Jacksonville and San Juan allow our trucking partners to enter and exit our terminals with cargo in less than 30 minutes.

Our speed to market is your company’s competitive advantage. For your own on-time experience, please contact your sales or customer care representative today at 1-800-CROWLEY