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Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge Increase and Scanning Surcharge

APM Terminals in Costa Rica has announced an annual increase of $10 per container to their terminal charges, effective September 27, 2019. This increase will result in the following adjustment to Crowley’s Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge for both Northbound and Southbound moves.


Additionally, to reduce risk and address threats to global supply chain, APM Terminals will be implementing a program that will result in x-ray scanning of containers. To address the cost associated with the x-ray scanning, Crowley will implement a Costa Rica X-Ray Scanning Surcharge of $35 per container, plus the Government imposed VAT.

Please note, this charge will only be assessed when APM Terminals performs an X-Ray Scan of a container and issues the charge to Crowley. If APM Terminals bills this charge directly to the importer or exporter, Crowley will not assess any additional surcharge.
If you have any questions please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-276-9539.