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Chassis Usage Charge Update



January 25, 2013

After meetings with key customers, various trade associations and other interested parties who had expressed concern over Crowley’s proposed new Chassis Usage Charge scheduled to go into effect Feb. 15, the company, after careful consideration, has amended the Charge as follows:

Effective March 1, 2013, free time for chassis usage in Puerto Rico will mirror the present container free time as described in the respective International Tariffs, Domestic tariff or service contracts where applicable. After the free time, a charge of $15 per day for use of the chassis will apply in addition to the existing daily demurrage rates.

In this way any customer that uses the Crowley-provided equipment in an efficient manner will not be impacted, yet the cost of misusing this distinct and separate piece of equipment will be recognized.

We appreciate the feedback we received and look forward to working together with our customers on this and future matters.


Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Inc.