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Changes in Hacienda Regulations Update 6-14-06


Please be aware that Hacienda regulations concerning cargo release in San Juan, Puerto Rico, have been changed. Compliance with these new instructions is crucial in order for rapid cargo release, so be sure to include all of the following information in the submission of your documents to Crowley:

Along with cargo value and tax ID number/social security number/(EIN), Hacienda now requires that the merchandise code (Schedule B Number) be included as well.

This information can be provided at the time of booking or when you submit your document to Crowley, either online at, via e-mail to, or by fax to 904-727-4292.

When filling out the bill of lading form, you may include this information in the SED section or in the description box.

Note that the following Schedule B Numbers do not require a cargo value to be entered:

0000080 Mail/Documents

87163198 Empty Return Container

87163199 Empty Return Tank

98080010 Articles for the use of US Government Agency

98080010 Articles for US General Administration Services

98080060 Articles for Federal Agriculture Department

We would also like to remind you that shipments consigned to Freight Forwarders (NVOCCs) must include the commodity code in order to get a release authorization.

Hacienda advises that all information be submitted properly, otherwise cargo will automatically be listed as taxable and cannot be released until a settlement has been made. Failure to comply could result in unnecessary delays in picking up your cargo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service department at 1-800-CROWLEY.

In an effort to provide you with the best possible service, we welcome all feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing by completing a short online survey at

Thank you.