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Changes in Hacienda Regulations 11/13/2006


On July 4th 2006, the Sales Tax Law was signed by the Governor of Puerto Rico.   According to this law effective November 15, 2006, the Central Government will collect a 5.5% tax and the Municipalities will collect 1.5% tax.

All invoices for services will be taxed, unless we have a copy of the consignees Certificate of Registered Commercial Entity (form SC2918) or proof they filed for the Certificate prior to October 15, 2006.   We are required to have this information no later than November 15, 2006.  If we do not receive the Certificate of Registered Commercial Entity, Crowley Liner Services will charge and collect the sales tax in San Juan, prior to cargo release.

Please send a copy of the certificate or proof of filing to one of the following:




John Cascio

787 729 1150

Teresia Gonzalez

904 727 4065

Deena LeBlanc

904 727 4065

If you have any questions please contact Loren Mena in our San Juan Accounting Department at 787-729-1069. You can also find more information regarding the Hacienda on their website at

Deena LeBlanc

Manager, Freight Services

Caribbean Division

(904) 727-4181 – phone