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Cargo Claim Submission – Customer Notification



The Risk Management Department has rolled out a new tool, via, to allow customers to provide a 1st Notification of Cargo Loss or Damage to the Cargo Claims Group. The process was implemented in early December last year and announced on C-Link, but it may have escaped many people’s attention in the Holiday Season. Please would you take a moment to become familiar with the process and communicate it to your co-workers as well as our customers.

The new process prompts customers to provide relevant information which will then be channeled directly to the Cargo Claims Group, with the identified Crowley Account Management contact kept in the loop. Armed with the information the Cargo Claims Group will set up a record and acknowledge the notification. The standardized acknowledgement will identify which Adjuster will be handling the case in the event the incident progresses to claim status and provide the reference number and directions on how to file a claim. It is hoped that streamlining the process, providing direct access to the Cargo Claims Group will demystify the process, expedite the adjustment process and diffuse any customer frustrations that may already exist around the loss/damage.

How the process works:
· Visit
· Under the login tab you can click “Cargo-Report Loss/Damage” to make a report. (Note that providing Notice of Loss or Damage is not the same as making a claim – please refer to the disclaimer on the site, above the form).
· Forms are sent directly to a shared, Cargo Claims Group inbox in Outlook and reviewed each weekday.
· Customers will then receive a standard email response from the Claims Adjuster assigned to the case within 72 hours. The email will contain the reference number, the steps to be followed if the report develops into a claim and will be copied to the Crowley Account Manager identified by the customer on the intake form (this is key for the customer to include so that you or anyone who is normally involved in the account is aware of the new claim).
· If your customer is not comfortable using the website or does not have internet access you can always make the submission on their behalf.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact someone on the Cargo Claims team: Angela Reyes, Keith Satterwhite, Luis Schmidt or Duncan Walters.

Thank you for your continued support,