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Announcement – NVOCC contract conversions


In order to align pricing strategies for supply chain customers utilizing Crowley’s cargo transportation services, all NVOCC contracts will transition to the NSA (Negotiated Service Agreement) platform effective May 1, 2018, for all rates in effect beyond 30 days.  The NSA (Negotiated Service Agreement) process allows the NVOCC agreements to apply increases (or decreases) to contracts simultaneously throughout our logistics organization.

The NSA process will require a Minimum Volume Commitment and will be subject to penalties. It will also require signatures on the Original NSA document, but all subsequent amendments can be endorsed via an email acceptance.  Please return this signed NSA as a complete document in one file, to the same mailboxes you do today. 

Crowley Logistics NVOCCs will remain with Negotiated Rate Agreements (NRAs) for all spot rates (30 days or less) that break away from our company public tariff rates.  Those NRA acceptances you receive are to continue being sent to the same mailboxes. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Pricing Analyst.