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2021 Christmas and New Year’s Holiday Schedule

The following are the Christmas and New Years holiday schedules for Crowley offices and ports. 

LocationThursday Dec 23thFriday Dec 24thFriday Dec 31st
BL RevisionRegular HoursClosedRegular Hours
BookingsRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Costa RicaRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Crowley Logistics – San JuanRegular HoursClosedClosed
Customer Care – Jacksonville, FLClosedClosedClosed
Customer Care SharedRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Documentation CaribbeanRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Documentation LatinRegular Hours  ClosedRegular Hours
Documentation Puerto Rico – SBRegular HoursClosedClosed
Documentation Puerto Rico – NBRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Dominican RepublicRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Eddystone, PA OfficeOpen: 0800-1200ClosedClosed
Eddystone, PA TerminalOpen: 0800-1200ClosedClosed
Grand Cayman **Closed on Monday 12/27 and Tuesday 12/28Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
GuatemalaRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Guatemala – Santo Tomas TerminalRegular HoursRegular Hours Regular Hours 
Gulfport, MS GateRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Gulfport, MS WarehouseRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Guyana *Closed on Monday 12/27 Regular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
HaitiRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
HondurasRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Honduras – Puerto Cortes TerminalRegular HoursClosed from 12/24 at 1800 to  12/25 at 1800Closed from 12/24 at 1800 to 12/25 at 1800
Houston, TXClosedClosedClosed
Jacksonville, FL CLI WarehouseClosedClosedClosed
Jacksonville, FL Inland OperationsRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Jacksonville, FL – HeadquartersClosedClosedClosed
Jacksonville, FL Terminal, JPARegular HoursRegular Hours *Gate closed on Saturday 12/25/21Regular Hours *Gate closed on Saturday 1/1/22
Jacksonville, FL Terminal, TMTRegular HoursClosedClosed
Jamaica *Closed on Monday 12/27Regular HoursRegular Hours Regular Hours
Miami OfficeClosedClosedClosed
Miami WarehouseClosedClosedClosed
NicaraguaRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
PanamaRegular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Open: 0800-1200
Port Everglades – TerminalRegular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
Port Everglades – Hyde Terminal & Office (Grand Cayman)Regular HoursRegular HoursRegular Hours
San Juan OfficeRegular HoursClosedClosed
San Juan TerminalRegular HoursOpen: 0700-1530 Closed for lunch: 1100-1200Open: 0700-1530 Closed for lunch: 1100-1200
San Juan – Hacienda & Car DivisionRegular HoursClosedClosed
St Croix Office *Closed on Sunday 12/26Regular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Regular Hours
St Croix Terminal *Closed on Sunday 12/26Regular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Regular Hours
St Thomas *Closed on Sunday 12/26Regular HoursOpen: 0800-1200Regular Hours
Trinidad *Closed on Monday 12/27 Open: 0800-1200  Closed Open: 0800-1200
Wilmington, NCClosedClosed until Monday 12/27Regular Hours

Documentation and cargo cut off times are subject to change in locations that will be closed or have limited operating hours. Our most up-to-date sailing schedule can be found online.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-CROWLEY.