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Crowley Partners with Terraline to Lead Pilot Project for Electric Trucks

Crowley and Terraline, autonomous-ready electric truck company revolutionizing freight transportation, announced today that Crowley’s land transportation group will work together in a pilot project for the EV500 Test Truck. Crowley, a global supply chain company committed to both sustainability and innovation, has signed an agreement to test Terraline’s trucks beginning in 2024 and a formal option to order the electric trucks for delivery in 2026.

Terraline’s EV500 truck is the trucking industry’s first clean-sheet, autonomous-ready, battery-electric Class 8 long-haul truck with 500-plus miles of range. Terraline will service Crowley’s Florida facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Miami in a milestone toward their shared mission of rapidly decreasing freight transportation emissions.

“Change is coming to freight logistics at an incredible pace, and it’s an industry imperative to serve that growth sustainably,” said Graham Doorley, CEO and Founder, Terraline. “At Terraline, we have enormous goals around accelerating the adoption of electrification across freight fleets. Securing this agreement with such a forward-looking company like Crowley validates our team’s hard work and gets the industry closer to meeting state and federal emissions mandates. Crowley’s commitment to integrating Terraline trucks into its fleet strongly endorses our approach to rethinking trucking for the next century.”

As Terraline’s first U.S. partner, Crowley will provide valuable insight into the truck’s performance and enable Terraline to continue the evolution of the technology throughout development.

Crowley provides land transportation across North and Central America for commercial and government customers, providing seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions with flexibility, a network of multi-modal solutions, and advanced customer analytics. The company recently accelerated its brokerage activities as part of its strategic growth strategy.

Zero-emission trucks provided by Terraline will also help inform lower-emission electrification improvements underway in Crowley’s terminals and other facilities, including onsite equipment.

“Each day, Crowley works to become the most sustainable and innovative logistics company in the Americas as we grow our solutions that serve our customers and help our communities,” said Crowley’s Bob Weist, vice president, North America transportation. “Partnering with Terraline for this pilot project can advance our progress to reach net-zero across all of our scopes and operations. Innovation is happening fast in our industry to meet our customers’ increasing demand for transformational technologies like Terraline’s.”