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Crowley Honored for Environmentally Safe Vessel Operations

Environmentally Safe Vessel Operations by Crowley
Barry Champagne Photography • Chamber of Shipping of America, Environmental Achievement Awards

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) has honored Crowley Maritime Corporation’s commitment to environmentally safe operations by presenting 117 Crowley-owned or operated vessels with Environmental Achievement Awards.

The awards recognize vessels and crews for achieving records free of incidents for environmental excellence. To be eligible for the award, a vessel must have at least a two-year period without reportable spills, U.S. Coast Guard or port states citations for environmental violations, and no state or local pollution violations.

Crowley’s honored vessels include articulated tug-barges, tankers, container ships, ship assist and offshore tugs, and more. With 1,288 years of combined incident-free operations, the honorees include 50 vessels that have surpassed a decade or more without an environmental incident.

“Crowley congratulates the crews and shoreside personnel whose hard work and dedication made these strong records of environmentally safe operations a reality. Our commitment to respecting and protecting our oceans and inland waterways is a crucial part of our safe and reliable operations,” said Capt. Boren Chambers, director, marine operations, Crowley Shipping.

Pictured: Back row (left to right): Captain Stephen Foster (Sunshine State); Captain Christopher Menezes (Garden State); Kelly Baughman, manager, environment, Crowley Shipping; Captain Kevin Griffith (Empire State), Chambers. Front row (left to right): Christina Menezes, Natalie Griffith.

Crowley’s honored vessels are listed by business group and continuous years without an incident:

Crowley Fuels LLC 
MV Aku19
MV Avik6
Crowley Global Ship Management 
American Endurance2
American Freedom2
MT Empire State9
MT Evergreen State8
MT Golden State9
MV National Glory11
Ocean Crescent4
Ocean Freedom7
Ocean Grand4
MT Pelican State9
MT Sunshine State9
MT Bay State2
MT Lone Star State3
MT Magnolia State3
Crowley Petroleum Services 
ATB Achievement/650-89
ATB Coastal Reliance/550-46
ATB Commitment/650-65
ATB Courage/650-511
ATB Gulf Reliance/650-212
ATB Innovation/650-96
ATB Integrity/650-411
ATB Legacy/750-18
ATB Legend/750-27
ATB Liberty/750-36
ATB Ocean Reliance/550-311
ATB Pacific Reliance/650-113
ATB Pride/650-76
ATB Resolve/650-311
ATB Sea Reliance/550-117
ATB Sound Reliance/550-217
ATB Vision/650-105
MT Florida6
MT Louisiana3
MT Ohio3
MT Pennsylvania7
MT Texas4
MT West Virginia3
 Crowley Government Services 
Cape Washington4
Cape Wrath2
SS Curtiss20
SS Wright14
USNS 1st LT Baldomero Lopez2
USNS 2ND LT John P. Bobo2
USNS Able2
USNS Effective4
USNS Howard O. Lorenzen3
USNS Impeccable4
USNS Invincible4
USNS LCPL Roy M. Wheat2
USNS Loyal4
USNS MAJ Stephen W. Pless2
USNS PFC Dewayne T. Williams2
USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon2
USNS SGT William R. Button3
USNS Victorious4
Crowley Marine Services 
MV Gus E20
MV Admiral7
MV Belaya Kuropatka4
MV Chief20
MV Goliah12
MV Guard14
MV Guardian19
MV Guide20
MV Hunter6
MV Kavik River49
MV Kuparuk River49
MV Leader8
MV Master21
MV Nachik10
MV Navigator5
MV Ocean Sky6
MV Ocean Sun6
MV Ocean Wave7
MV Ocean Wind6
MV Protector8
MV Pt. Thompson22
MV Response5
MV Sag River44
MV Scout20
MV Sea Prince15
MV Sesok10
MV Tioga21
MV Toolik River19
MV Valor12
MV Veteran19
MV Vigilant19
MV Roger G20
Tug Sea Voyager5
Tug Stalwart6
Tug Tan’erliq20
Tug Alert19
Tug Attentive6
Tug Aware9
Tug Bulwark19
Tug Endurance4
Tug Guardsman11
Tug Nanuq20
Valdez Star28
Crowley Puerto Rico Services 
MV Defender19
MV Ensign19
MV Explorer19
MV Monitor19
MV Patriarch19
MV Sentinel6
MV Sentry19
Tug Adventurer6
Tug Ranger19
Tug Warrior3
Marine Transport Management 
MV Charleston Express21
Horizon Enterprise4
Horizon Reliance4
MV Philadelphia Express21
MV St, Louis Express21
MV Washington Express7
MV Yorktown Express18