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LNG vs. Diesel and Propane as a Commercial Fuel

Diesel generators have earned and maintained a longstanding reputation for being a power generation workhorse, but can be bulky, noisy, smelly and overall unreliable. However, with the recent discoveries of large U.S. natural gas deposits, new natural gas engines are starting to topple diesel’s dominance, as well as many propane options. Natural gas generators are quieter, cleaner and more efficient than either type. Further, natural gas is becoming increasingly popular as it can now be safely and conveniently transported as liquefied product for use in commercial and industrial operations.

The benefits of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) versus diesel for fuel are also clear: Natural gas burns significantly cleaner; produces lower emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; and lacks the strong, distinguishing diesel odor. These benefits present LNG as a sleek and increasingly popular diesel conversion alternative.

Read on to learn how switching from diesel or propane to LNG using today’s advanced technology can lower operational and capital expenses over a system’s lifetime when compared to traditional diesel generators.

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