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How to Buy Used Crowley Shipping Containers

Here at Crowley we are often asked if we sell used shipping containers and other transportation-related equipment, such as chassis, gensets and the like. The short answer is yes, but not to the public. We sell surplus equipment to a South Florida company named Gold Coast Repairs, and they in turn sell to the public.

How does it work?

We turn over about 1,000 pieces of equipment each year on average, and Gold Coast purchases many of those units based on a structured pricing scale that takes into consideration the age and condition of the equipment. Upon taking delivery, Gold Coast removes all Crowley markings, reconditions and/or repairs the units as necessary, and then sells them to businesses or the public.

Thinking outside the box

In recent years, interest in these steel, corrugated shipping containers – which typically measure 20-, 40-, 45- or 53-feet long – has increased as people come up with new ways to use them. Long utilized for storage, containers are now being turned into a whole host of structures, including modular buildings, housing, workshops, classrooms, restaurants and entertainment venues. To see 26 creative uses of recycled shipping containers, check out this photo gallery from Marine Insight.

How to buy Crowley’s used containers

If you are interested in purchasing a used shipping container or another piece of transportation-related equipment, please do not call Crowley. Instead call Jeff Peck at Gold Coast Repairs. He may be reached at (305) 342-0298 or (305) 557-9770.